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Spiderweb Seamless Patterns - Halloween

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Spiderweb Seamless Patterns - Halloween

The Gypsy Goddess - Diane Pascual
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So excited to release "Spiderweb" product! This set comes with a pair of seamless patterns and one wide spiderweb background!

Comes with a step by step Guidebook on editing patterns in Photoshop! Take your products to the next level by following easy instructions, adjust the scale of your pattern repeat, save as JPEG and be up and running in a few minutes!

Ideal for use on web or screen related projects : (such as websites, PPT presentations, email templates, headers, blogs, printed pieces!

What's included in this product:

  • 1 PSD of Seamless Pattern, edit the design or change the colors how you see fit! 4200 px by 4200 px at 300 DPI
  • 6 JPEG Pattern tiles of Seamless Pattern, 1008 px by 1008 px @72 DPI. Comes in 6 Colors, White, Fuschia, light purple, orange, turquoise, and green. Can be used for Instagram posts!
  • 6 JPEG Pattern tiles of Seamless Pattern, for Instagram stories at 1080 px by 1920 px
  • 6 JPEG Pattern repeat backgrounds for Zoom videos or web/screen related projects at 1920 px by 1080 px.
  • 2 PSD Templates of Instagram Stories and Instagram Square Post.
  • 1 PSD of Wide Spiderweb Background, comes in layers to change the colors and edit as you see fit!
  • 3 JPEGs of Wide Spiderweb Backgrounds in 3 colors, Fuschia, Orange, and Turquoise.
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PSD, PNG, and JPEG files

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